Deteriorating into Something Beautiful

So many things in this world are slowly deteriorating.  Life happens and things grow weary and worn until they are no more.  It’s a natural process of nature.  Even humans are subject to this process.  In the Spring, the snow slowly but surely diminishes until it becomes liquid which brings mud.  Then, the liquid evaporates and disappears as well.  However ugly and messy this mud can be, we all know what happens next.  That same water which brings ugliness to the earth also brings beauty.  It rains and beautiful fragrant blooms pop out of the ground.  Yes, snow is beautiful, but it gets ugly and muddy before something amazing happens.

Beauty happens.  Miracles happen.

Pain does not aways feel pleasant.  You may not appreciate what you’re going through right now.  There may be something ugly in your life that used to be beautiful in your eyes.  Don’t worry.  Don’t lose hope.  Because like the flowers in the Spring, something beautiful is bound to happen!

XOXO – KinsleyRae

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