Short Stories

Short Story: First Day of School

I wake up to the sound of rain pattering against the windowpanes.  Usually, that makes me moody but today, it feels different.  Today is my birthday and it is my first day of school! My older brother says that school is hard, but I think to myself, what is so hard about doing crafts? As I skip through the puddles toward the bus, nervous shivers shimmer through my body.  The bus driver seems scary as I look up at her through the rain.  Bravely, I lift my short legs up each step but my stiff, shiny backpack slows me down.  I glance shyly at the driver, suddenly feeling fuzzy inside.  She reminds me of grandma as she says, “Good morning sunshine!”  Wiping the raindrops off my forehead with my hand, I perk up and announce that it’s my birthday.  She smiles even bigger and asks, “How old are you?”  “I am this much,” I reply, proudly holding up six fingers.  She winks and motions for me to go find a seat.  I sit and the bus rumbles forward.  Through the thin, foggy window, I watch as my house shrinks and the trees pass by in a blur.  I feel sleepy and soon my eyes shut as happy, colorful pictures of crayons and glue float around in my mind.

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