Last Day of School

As a part-time teacher, I never dreamed this day would ever arrive!  I don’t know who was more excited, the children or the teachers.  Lol… The first thing we had the children do was clean out their desks.  They cleaned the tops and the insides of their desks, picked up their trash, and put their personal things in plastic bags.  By the time this was over all the children were extremely hyped up.  This is a private Christian school, so we have about 30 students in one classroom – second to twelveth grade.  Imagine all the younger ones trying to make their voices heard above the others.  Yeah, it was wild.

So, after this, we went outside.  It was gorgeous out today – perfect kite weather!  The sun was shining brightly.  The brisk wind kept the air cool enough to make it comfortable in the heat of the morning sun.  In fact, it felt so good out that when I was sitting there watching the children I almost fell asleep.  Lol.  Most of the children played kickball until it was time to go back inside.

Mrs. Amy* brought fun little gifts to be used in the ‘merit auction.’  Over the school year, the students are awarded merits for doing well on tests, good character, etc.  These merits can be spent during school for five extra minutes of break, little treats, and so forth.  So, the students who saved up their merits instead of spending it all were able to ‘buy’ bigger gifts.  It was fun watching their excitement as they attempted their best to sort out and count their merits to see if they had enough for a certain toy.

After that was over, we brought out the snacks!  Some students brought goodies to share with everyone.  One of the tenth graders, Laila, brought crackers and dip.   It was. the. BOMB!  So good… I ate my fill of donuts, chips, and dip.  🙂  Someone brought popsicles which were a huge hit with the children!

So, now I’m home and ready for a nap.  I’m exhausted! I went to bed way too late last night (watching Netflix. haha.) and had to wake up early this morning.  For the people who know me, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.  But this morning, surprisingly, I didn’t mind waking up.  Probably because I knew it was the last day of school and that I could sleep-in for the rest of the summer.  😉

XOXO – KinsleyRae

*names have been changed for privacy.

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